Wednesday, November 3, 2010


I am guessing I have seen Demons well upward of 10 times by now, probably more than any other horror film I have ever watched in my life. Why? What is it about this film that makes it so endlessly watchable to me? In part, it has to do with my life long fascination with so-bad-they're-good movies; it's a treasure trove of bad dubbing, bad dialogue, and nonsensical plotting. But beneath the irony, I genuinely love this film. I love its overblown but awesome visual style. I love the frequently awesome and clever make up and special effects. I love the all the movie-within-a-movie meta jokes. I love that its completely whacked out and unpredictable and doesn't feel like any other horror movie I can think of. And I love that there is a scene where a man rides around a movie theater on a dirt bike, hacking up demons with a samurai sword.

Is it a bad movie? Sorta. Is it also an awesome, supremely entertaining movie? Definitely.

Grade: A

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