Monday, September 22, 2008

The Dead Pool

Monday, September 15, 2008

Finally getting around to the last of the Dirty Harry movies, and I must give congratulations: there wasn't a bad movie in the series. That said, this one isn't nearly as good as Magnum Force.

It's fun, but a little corny in places, and maybe the most flawed in it's message out of the whole series. It seems to want to make some sort of statement about violence in the media, and so one of the major characters is a director of violent horror movies... strikes me as a little hypocritical or at least weak willed of this movie. I mean, if you're going to address violence in the media, and you yourself are an unreasonably violent action film, then shouldn't you make the character an action movie director? Just a thought.

There is an action scene, a car chase, where Harry is being chased by a tiny toy car rigged with explosives. The bad guy controls the toy car while driving around in his real car, which seems to me to be an impossible feat. Seeing Harry jump a curb in his car, only to be followed closely by a tiny car doing the same thing is a site to behold, both incredibly stupid looking and a perfect satire of action scenes. It's either the worst idea ever for a car chase, or the funniest.

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