Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Monday, September 22, 2008

Firstly, kudos to me for watching 3 movies on a week night. That's a rare feat for me lately.

Next off, seems the current trend is that my appreciation for an Argento movie goes up when I see it for a second time. And I love Argento as it is. I liked Tenebre the first time I saw it, now I think it rocks even more.

I think the key is, there's something about Argento's movies where the flaws seem less severe with time. You learn to forgive them or ignore them during subsequent viewings. Hell, sometimes the supposed "flaws" make the movie better... a lot of the plot holes and weird storytelling make his movies seem more nightmarish. I would say this fits into that category. And I also appreciated this time around how suspenseful Tenebre is. Argento's movies are normally strange, fascinating, stylish, entertaining, awesome, but not often scary. This is no classic, mind you, but there are a handful of sequences that pretty deftly increase the tension. It's not white-knuckle suspenseful, but it's at least perk-you-up-in-your-seat suspenseful.

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