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Monday, November 3, 2008

Okay, October is over and it's time to get back to business and work on my K2K. This is the final month after all.

The night after I watched this, I chatted it up with Andy about its finer points. I told him that even though I've liked Fellini a hell of a lot more than I've liked Antonioni, I appreciated L'avventure more than I did La Dolce Vita. The two are often compared because of the subject matter. And if I had to pin down why this one engaged me more than the other, even though this is plainly a slower, less entertaining film, is it's sense of mystery and it's open-endedness. I can't exactly say what the message of L'avventura was, but I was engaged in pondering the significance of things.

This is the 3rd Antonioni film I've seen, and they've all had one stylistic touch in common. The plots of all three films seem like thrillers or mysteries, but the styles are so obtuse and open-ended that you barely notice it. There's an emptiness at the center of each film, and a deliberate distant feeling that is strange and, to varying degrees fascinating.

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Andy said...

The first half on the island when their looking for the woman that dissapeared was mysterious and interesting, but when it moved on from that, I slowly started to lose interest as it meandered its way to the end.

I dunno, I feel like I should rewatch it someday because it is considered an all-time great, but I think La Dolce Vita is the more interesting, entertaining movie about the shallow, meaningless existences of the Italian bourgeoisie.