Friday, October 28, 2011

American Horror Story (Episode4 "Halloween Part I")

Okay, the last American Horror Story of October and... I don't really have a lot to say. This was a major improvement over last week's silly episode, but doesn't show enough of the promise that I felt episode 2 displayed. There's enough crazy stuff going on by the "cliffhanger" endings that I'm curious to see part 2, which means I'm hanging around at least one more week. Yet it suffered from the same lack of focus as last week's episode and the pilot, and mostly just felt like an hour of setup for what I'm hoping is going to be a cool payoff in part 2.

The biggest development was the death of Addie, and since she died before her body could be put on the property, it looks like she won't be coming back as a ghost. Which is a damn shame, because Addie was (by default) the closest thing the show had to a likable character. They spent a lot of time setting things up for her character over the past 4 episodes that I'm kinda stunned to see her go so soon, so maybe she will (somehow?) be back. I hope so, because the Harmon family and everyone else on this damn show are so mopey that even when they get to go over the top (like this week when the dad punted Burn Face's candy basket across the lawn) it still feels pretty dour.

Grade: C+

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Shenan said...

Hey, why didn't you continue to review these? I would've liked to see more of these. Actually, I think I stopped reading your blog for awhile because you reviewed stuff I didn't watch, and I think I missed that you were reviewing these at all? Or I forgot. Anyway, the season got mediocre then got good again, so it would've been cool for you to have kept with it. But I know your laziness will prevent you from reviewing in retrospect :) So oh well. Maybe for season 2?