Friday, October 7, 2011

Demons of the Mind

Baron Zorn keeps his (teenage?) children drugged and locked away in his castle, fearing that they have inherited their mother's insanity. But it seems more like Zorn is the madman, and soon he entrusts their care to doctor with some, shall we say, questionable practices that pushes his children closer to the edge.

Demons of the Mind is a pretty cool, weird little early 70's British psychological horror movie. It's a little slow (sometimes in a good way, but not always) and a little unsatisfying, but it has a pretty richly creepy atmosphere and some standout scenes. Considering its a period piece and is set in a castle, you might expect a more Gothic atmosphere, but it actually goes for a more naturalistic feel (except for one awesome, trippy scene of a bunch of creepy images superimposed over an extreme close up of an eye) that helps play up the psychological element. It gets its tone more from the story and themes (lots of madness, murder, incest, all that good stuff), solid performances, a measured pace and a wonderful, eerie score. It's not a complete success, but there's enough cool stuff going on that you won't waste you time with it.

Grade: B-

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