Thursday, October 27, 2011


A bunch of obnoxious assholes take a trip to a little island town, only the town appears to be inexplicably deserted. Before you know it, they're all being picked off by some sort of invincible (?) cannibal dude, who apparently has already murdered literally everyone in town.

Andy pretty much insisted I watch this one, so I obliged. But I don't think he wanted me to watch it because he thought I would like it, so much as he bought it blind, didn't like it, but wanted it to get some use so it didn't feel like a complete waste of money.

Anyways, it's a lousy movie: ugly, boring and artless. And I'm still not sure I understand the story. So, like, the cannibal guy managed to wipe out the entire town, including all law enforcement, without anyone realizing (?) even though he's just one dude. So I think they explain at one point, when the protagonists find a journal that details what happened, that the guy is unkillable. Except at the end they totally kill him in a normal, straight forward way. So if he wasn't invincible, how the hell did he not get killed by the cops or something?

Whatever. The only remotely good thing about the movie is the killer, who looks genuinely creepy and, if I recall, has a cool introduction where he steps out of the shadows and there's lightning and stuff. Otherwise, this is just dull eurosleaze best suited for the lowest common denominator gorehound.

Grade: D

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Andy said...

No mention of Tisa Farrow, certainly the more talented sister's, wonderfully complex performance as that woman? And not a word written about the engaging love triangle between Tisa, that guy, and the tarot card lady (who is the same woman who meets an unfortunate end at the hands of a broken bottle in New York Ripper)? And you didn't even mention the fetus-eating, which is like the only reason this movie is note-worthy (amongst horror fans).

Anywho, one thing about the plot: I don't think there was any law enforcement on the island. I think I remember (fuzzily) Tisa explaining that the island only houses a few families and was pretty much cut-off from the rest of the country even before cannibal man killed everyone. But yeah, his invincibility/non-invincibility doesn't make any sense, and what's up with the room behind the mirror that's full of dead bodies covered in sacks? I thought he ate all of the townspeople? And what's up with his mysterious sister they keep seeing who just sort of kills herself for no reason?

So yeah, lame movie, but I DO like the killer, I think he's cool, and some of the music was kind of neat, and that goofy fake head in the bucket made me laugh.