Sunday, October 7, 2012

Crucible of Horror

Michael Gough plays the emotionally dominating and physically abusive patriarch of an upper-class British family. One day, he pushes his wife and teenaged daughter too far... with predictable results.

Nothing to see here, folks. Outside of Gough's perfectly hatable performance, there's not much of note to Crucible of Horror. It's half way through the movie before the mother and daughter finally snap and off Gough, and their troubles in covering up the murder are rote and unimaginative. I guess I did like that the sexy daughter gets naked a few times (again, I think/hope this is another Sweet Sixteen scenario where the underage girl is played by an older actress).

As a word of warning, if you do want to see this film, don't read any of the descriptions online. For some reason, every blurb I've read about it gives away the "twist" that happens in the last five minutes of the film as if it's part of the main storyline. So whatever minor narrative pull the film might have had was already ruined for me. Either way, the big twist is followed by a kinda inexplicable final scene which I trust would be totally horrifying if I really understood what was supposed to be happening.

Rating: C-

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