Monday, October 15, 2012

The Innkeepers

On the last weekend that it wil be open, the two remaining employees of the Yankee Pedlar Hotel (Sara Paxton and Pat Healy) decide to see if they can find any proof of the ghost that supposedly haunts its halls.

You can read my more detailed thoughts on The Innkeepers here, but I would like to say that this is a film that has improved on my second viewing. I love Ti West's House of the Devil dearly, but I need to get off my high horse and admit that although his follow up film may night quite be as great, it's still great in it's own right. No, it's not scary in the same sense that House of the Devil was, but it is richly atmospheric, funny, beautifully shot, and thematically more resonant  Although it doesn't hold the same place in my heart, it is in many ways the more accomplished film.

I think what I really appreciated this time was, despite how funny the film can be, there is a potent sense of melancholy in the film that sticks with you. It's about two lovable but flawed people stuck in a dead end job in a dead end town who reflect on their regrets. And somehow this parlays itself into a deeper story of spiritual unrest, and builds up to an appropriately muted but sad ending that you don't really see coming.

Rating: A-

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