Monday, October 15, 2012


A young woman with a ridiculous wardrobe (Patricia Arquette) is being tortured by some unseen force, giving her the wounds of Christ. The Catholic church sends in their top hoax debunking priest (Gabrielle Byrne) to see if what's happening is the real deal.

Not having been raised Catholic (or with any religion, for that matter), I just never got the obsession with Catholic-themed supernatural horror movies. I guess I'm just not steeped enough in Catholic mythology to enjoy whatever deeper themes these kinds of movies are trying to evoke. But even someone into these types of films will be disappointed that Stigmata ditches any of its more compelling implications (like, the idea that maybe what's happening to Arquette is something divine, since she is receiving Christ's wounds) in order to be just another of the umpteen million Exorcist ripoffs. That it's all done in that best forgotten late 90's music video, rapid editing, wooshy camera, crossfading nonsense style just makes it all the worse.

Apparently Billy Corgan cowrote the score. That seems like a great idea, but the score turned out to be mostly forgettable.

Also, seriously, you won't believe the outfits Arquette wears in this movie. I don't think anyone in the 90's ever dressed that ridiculously.

Rating: D

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Shenan said...

Yeah I really didn't get why Patricia Arquette was possessed at the end of the movie? Because isn't stigmata a good thing, like a sign that you're blessed by God, even if it's really painful and scary? I didn't think it in any way indicated anything demonic?

But Gabriel Byrne. That accent. That accent. Mmmm.