Monday, October 15, 2012

Tombs of the Blind Dead

The old ruins of a castle hold a terrible secret: blind, undead Templar knights that rise from their graves to feast on the blood of those who trespass. And they ride horses. Zombies on horses.

I first saw Tombs of the Blind Dead I think 5 years ago, at an all-day Halloween horror movie marathon and party. We drank zombies all day and watched horror movies. I got so plastered I chased one party goer around the apartment with a knife as a "joke" that I'm pretty sure terrified the poor guy. It was a great day, but my memories of the movies are fuzzy, and I seem to recall not liking this one very much.

Well, turns out Tombs of the Blind Dead is better than I remembered. But not much. It's a mostly uneventful film with a handful of memorable sequences sporadically doled out. It's the kind of film that really requires on atmosphere to carry it, but the atmosphere (while not negligible) is just not thick enough. I will say, the very ending is kinda good: the heroine escapes the knights and gets on a train passing by. Only, instead of her getting away safely, the knights show up and kill everyone on board, and then ride the train into town, presumably to kill more. Pretty funny.

Anyways, this is the first in a four part series, and I will definitely watch part 2 at least.

Rating: C

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