Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Reeds

A group of friends go boating through a swampy area, only to be attacked by vicious, man-eating reeds. No, I'm sorry, that's just what I hoped it was about. Actually, they find themselves facing off against some mysterious force, creepy teenagers hiding in the brush, an old man with a shotgun, hallucinations, evil doubles of themselves, and more.

After an unpromising start, The Reeds turns into a pretty entertaining mindfuck; it's basically a series of strange events, teases, plot twists and other weirdness thrown at you to keep you guessing where it's going. I'm not sure I could pass a test on what happened (MAJOR SPOILERS: there are ghosts forever reliving their deaths trying to end the cycle, but also a looping timeline the heroes get caught in that causes them to interact with themselves, but also it all starts over again at the end, so maybe it's Hell or something? I dunno), but it was a reasonable amount of fun as it goes along. I wouldn't say it's particularly scary (they are in danger I guess, but why exactly? And huh?) but it coasts on weirdness alone, with enough plot and villains to fill four horror movies about a group of young people on a boat getting attacked by something evil.

Rating: B-

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