Saturday, November 16, 2013

Beyond Dream's Door

A college student begins having increasingly bizarre and vivid nightmares (some of them while he's still awake) that seem to involve someone else's memories. And not only that, but other folks who have vanished may have had the same dreams.

Beyond Dream's Door tries to do hallucinogenic, Lovecraftian horror on a low budget, and though it doesn't exactly succeed, I had to respect the filmmakers' imagination and ambition. The plot is cool and a bit unique, the mystery actually fairly engrossing, and they find a lot of cool visuals in the myriad dream sequences. But the budget and the era keep it from ever really being effective. The acting is awkward as hell, the dialogue tin-eared, the clothing and hairstyles are painfully late 80's/early 90's, the special effects are almost always unconvincing (although they do an okay job of hiding this sometimes). Still, you feel like those involved actually gave a shit and were trying to do something fun and interesting, and if it doesn't really work, it's at least a little satisfying seeing them try.

Rating: C+

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