Friday, November 1, 2013

Nothing But the Night

The emotionally traumatized survivor of a schoolbus wreck may be the key to solving a series of "accidental" deaths that have happened to the trustees of the school. While her doctors (including Peter Cushing) try to protect her, and a detective (Christopher Lee) tries to piece the mystery together, sinister forces are trying to get to the girl.

More of a creepy mystery that only turns into a horror movie during its (pretty crazy) finale, Nothing But the Night boasts being the rare film, like The Skull, to have both Lee and Cushing in good guy roles. Although I would have preferred to see them more as a team, the film actually seems cleverly structured to make both actors seem more important than their actual screen time bears out. There's a nice fakeout where you are lead to believe a certain character is probably the lead, only to have him bumped off in the first half and have Cushing take up where he left off. So they got a lot of the setup out of the way with the other guy, they can give all the meat to Cushing.

I think the mystery got a little too complicated for me to follow, but the story still moves as though you understand it, so it doesn't matter. It all leads to a twist ending that, although not out of left field, almost feels like the movie switches genres mid scene. In a good way.

Rating: B

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