Saturday, November 16, 2013


So a bunch of nerdy scientists are playing what seems to be the world's most boring LARP in the science building at their school. The only problem is, there's an murderous baboon on the loose in the building who has been injected with some sort of, I don't know, anger chemical that makes him homicidal.

Well, shit, I am way behind on these posts and am already starting to forget a lot of key details about these movies. So we're going to keep these brief. Shakma is a perfectly acceptable, mildly fun 70 minute monster-movie type dealie, except stretched out to an interminable hour and 40 minutes. What should be quick, to the point and silly ends up being a glacially paced bore with a surprising lack of humor about itself. Most of the second half of the movie is just the main character slowly walking around, discovering the bodies of his colleagues one by one. By the time he finally takes on Shakma mano-a-baboon, all the energy has been let out of the film.

Mitigating factor: Roddy McDowell has a small role.

Rating: C-

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