Friday, November 1, 2013

The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra

In this parody of low budget 50's sci-fi/horror movies, an alien couple with a big pet monster square off against a psychic skeleton to obtain a rare, useful element.

Ugh, we get it, man. The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra is kinda of amusing for maybe 10 minutes, then it gets pretty damn tedious. It suffers from a one-joke premise that isn't that great to begin with. Old shitty genre movies can be a lot of fun, but the whole point is that they are earnest and don't realize how terrible they are. Make it self-aware and the "joke" is gone; intentionally bad dialogue gets old, fast.

The film works best when it just turns into a more overt comedy instead of a labored-but-ironic homage; a scene with the alien couple unconvincingly pretending to be human is good fun. I'd be on board with a movie more along those lines; take a few calling cards of the genre and spin it out into something new and, you know, actually good. But more often than not the film falls victim to its own self-imposed limitations. At times it's almost too good at evoking these kinds of crappy old movies, in that just like those movies it feels like it can't fill its own brief running time and gets pretty boring.

Rating: C-

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