Friday, November 1, 2013

The Boogey Man

A soul, trapped in a mirror for reasons not interesting enough to explain, is released after the shattering of the mirror. An asshole in real life, he proceeds to get revenge on the family responsible for his death, and also some random people, too. Actually, pretty much anybody who comes in contact with one of the mirror shards.

Maybe it was just the crappy quality copy of Boogey Man on Amazon, but this certainly felt like a microbudget one. Cheap looking, stiff acting, unconvincing effects, the whole lot. On the upside, it seems like the filmmakers were at least trying, there is some atmosphere thanks to the John Carpenter/Halloween-y music and just the general look of the early 80s. Far from unwatchable, but not very good, most of the big set pieces just involve people getting stabbed by floating objects, which is not very exciting.

Rating: C-

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