Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Convent

40 years ago, a young woman struts into a church, brutally murders all of the nuns, and sets the place on fire. Today, a group of stereotypes from the local college go to the abandoned church, and are soon enough possessed by demonic spirits, turning them into psychedelic demon-nun monsters.

The Convent is a fast, funny, low budget homage to manic, comedy/horror gorefests from the 80's like Evil Dead 2, Demons, or Night of the Demons (no relation), where a group of interchangeable white people get possessed by evil spirits and kill the living shit out of each other. The Convent is slight, but good fun. Its breakneck pace, goofy sense of humor and trippy visuals help cover up its budgetary and story shortcomings, and though far from perfect, I think it can stand proud next to the movies to which it is paying tribute. And any movie that features a prominent cameo by Adrienne Barbeau as an ass-kicking, leather jacket wearing, motorcycle riding demon hunter is okay in my book.

Grade: B-

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