Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Video Dead

At some point or another, every single inanimate object will the be the focus of a horror movie. In The Video Dead, a spooky (haunted?) TV shows nothing but zombie movies, and then unleashes those zombies into the real world. Why? Why not!

The Video Dead is the kind of movie we only saw in the 80's, a horror comedy where the tone is a little knowing and tongue-in-cheek, yet it still takes its silly story seriously. I'd like to be able to tell you that this one is a lost classic, but I'd say we're talking more on the level of Night of the Comet than Night of the Creeps. Which is acceptable, mind you. You'll have a little fun with this one. You just won't be in any rush to see it again.

It's scrappy and likable and does what it can with a low budget. I'd say the high point of the film is the finale, where the heroine realizes she can confuse the zombies by acting unafraid and treating them like normal people... which she does by throwing them a dinner party.

Grade: C+

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