Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Curse

In a loose adaption of "The Colour Out of Space," one of H.P. Lovecraft's best stories, a comet crashes down in a small farming community, and begins to change the locals in bizarre and unnatural ways.

I don't consider Lovecraft to be a great author in a technical sense; his work is often poorly structured and filled with overwrought, purple prose. Conceptually, however, he had a rare brilliance. The reason his work has remained popular is because of his ideas, which often dealt with unfathomable, ancient evils that would drive a man mad should he ever encounter them.

That sense of cosmic doom is sadly lacking from The Curse, which simplifies Lovecraft's big ideas into a simple, corny monster movie built mostly around its dubious makeup effects.

For YVIAHMMAOIHTNQ, I knew I wanted to watch an entire horror series that I hadn't seen before. On Wednesday night, I tried watching the first Subspecies movie, but it couldn't hold my interest past its first 10 minutes or so. I made it all the way through The Curse, even though it sucked, so I think I'm going to give its 3 sequels a shot. There's an upside: they are all sequels in name only, no relation too each other, made by different filmmakers. So each one starts with a blank slate.

Grade: D+

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