Tuesday, October 19, 2010

DeepStar Six

A ragtag crew of deep sea explorers run afoul of a dangerous seabeast that invades their base.

Given that DeepStar Six was an underwater Alien knock-off directed by Sean S. Cunningham, director of the original Friday the 13th, I wasn't expecting much more than an underseas slasher movie. It's a little classier than that though. Friday the 13th is a roughly put together, crass bandwagon-jumper film that's more culturally significant than actually good (though it does have its charms), but DeepStar Six, with its likable cast, effectively sterile/mechanical sets, crisp visuals and entertaining monster effects, suggests that Cunningham might have more film making talent than I gave him credit for. As far as needless Alien clones set under the waves go, you're better off sticking with George P. Cosmatos's much stylish and exciting Leviathan, but this one would do in a pinch.

Grade: C+

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