Friday, January 24, 2014

Blue Eyes of the Broken Doll

A drifter with a violent past gets a job doing work for three beautiful, nice, but strange sisters (two of them crippled; one missing a hand and the other wheelchair bound) and starts to have weird sexual tension with them. Soon after his arrival, a mysterious killer begins murdering local blonde women and stealing their eyeballs.

Blue Eyes of the Broken Doll is basically a giallo, right down to the ridiculous title, with the only difference being that it was a Spanish film. I checked it out because last year I watched Horror Rises From the Tomb, which featured the same star and same director. That wasn't exactly a good film in the strictest sense, but it was strange and fun and delivered the trashy goods. I expected this to be more of the same.

Instead, it actually turned out to just be a pretty good giallo-ish horror/thriller. Although a little slow in the early going and occasionally a little formless, it's atmospheric, has good characters (some of whom you actually kinda care about!) and a nifty plot, has some solid set pieces and also doesn't skimp in the trash department. It's a far cry from Tomb's laughably bad dialogue/acting and incoherent story.

I very much appreciated that they go full-giallo with the story, taking some very crazy twists and turns. I'm not sure the solution, involving hypnotism and multiple personalities and psychosomatic injuries, makes a damn lick of sense, but it's freaking awesome and completely satisfying.

Rating: B

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