Friday, January 24, 2014

Poison for the Fairies

A little girl claims to have magic powers in order to assert control over a friend, who believes her fantastical claims. This leads to a weird power struggle between the two, and ultimately to... tragedy?

This is a far more interesting and satisfying version of the "young girls who form a deadly relationship" type of movie than something like Don't Deliver Us From Evil. Poison for the Fairies is a peculiar, artful drama with the atmosphere of a horror film that doesn't actually become a horror film until the end... or maybe never at all. When you look at it on its face, it's a movie where next to nothing really happens until the very end. But the film has an implacable quality and works in a lot of unsettling details, like how the adult's faces are never shown. These girls aren't overtly scary, but they aren't sweet or lovable either, and the film sustains a nice sinister feeling to it even as the story stays mostly innocuous.

Rating: B+

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