Friday, January 24, 2014

Kiss Of The Damned

A handsome, young screenwriter becomes infatuated with a sexy local, who turns out to be a vampire trying to live peaceably in seclusion. They fall in love, and he convinces her to turn him. Complications ensue when her vicious, less enlightened sister comes to town.

I watched this because Netflix described it as "Styled after the glossy vampire flicks of the 1960s...". Well, if that's true, then there must be some subgenre of vaguely comedic, meandering vampire dramas that look like run of the mill modern day indie movies back in the 60's that I totally missed.

Kiss of the Damned isn't bad, it's even kinda fun in places. It has some fun trying to show the audience vampire culture; a long sequence set at a cocktail party for vampires is a highlight. But the story is a non-starter, the film doesn't really have any new or novel ideas about vampires, it's prone to tangents that lead nowhere and ends on a stunning note of "oh, is that all there is?" The plot doesn't so much conclude or resolve as it does stop once the film hits feature length.

The director is apparently the daughter of John Cassavettes, one of America's most important and grossly overrated independent filmmakers. I'm not seeing much similarity to her father's work except that neither had much of a knack for story structure.

Rating: C+

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