Friday, January 24, 2014

The Dead Pit

Years ago, a doctor at a mental institution caught performing grisly and fatal experiments on his patients is killed by a colleague, who covers up the crimes. Now, a young amnesiac patient (with psychic powers, natch) is receiving strange visions showing that the evil doctor has returned from the dead, bringing a resurrected zombie army of his victims with him.

From the director of the execrable The Lawnmower Man comes an actually pretty fun bit of late 80's silliness. The Dead Pit is a miasma of cliches from other movies about zombies, mental hospitals, mad scientists and psychics all rolled up into low budget-ish but stylized cheap special effect extravaganza. It's one of those movies that, while not bad, you'd hesitate to actually call "good." More importantly, though, it's clearly a movie where they tried, and if the ideas behind it are dumb, they are usually fun as well. Unlike Beyond Dream's Door, the budget is large enough to basically pull off what they are going for, which is sort of a poor man's Stuart Gordon/Sam Raimi/Dan O'Bannon 80's horror with less overt humor.

Rating: B-

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