Wednesday, August 20, 2008

35 Up

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I didn't mean to take this long to get to the next entry in the series, but I was sidetracked a few times and then Netflixed crapped out last week. I won't complain though, it's better to spread these out since so much of the material is repeated in each film.

It's weird to have so little to say about a movie you thought was great. My thoughts here are more or less the same as my thoughts on the other entries. Each film accumulates a little more power and effect, and further solidifies the wonderfulness of the series. There's 2 more to go (at least on DVD, presumbly they'll make another one in 2011) and I can't wait to watch them.


Shenan said...

i was glad to see the like...manic-depressive guy at least not homeless, and doing something that at least kept him living for something for a time. i still really wanted to give him a big hug though. and i'm curious about the guy who unexplainedly didn't come back (they at least said something when the other guy didn't want to participate).

Dan said...

According to my research, he's in the next one, so maybe he'll explain why he wasn't in this one.