Sunday, August 31, 2008

Friday the 13th part 3 IN 3-D!!!!!!!!!!! (2-D version)

Saturday, August 30 2008

This is both one of the best made Friday the 13th sequels, and most unintentionally hilarious. The movie was shown in 3-D in theaters, but is always 2-D on home video. So there's constant shots of things flying at the camera, often times for no good reason, and in 2-D it's borderline surreal. I mean, I can see why Jason would shoot that speargun thing right at the camera even in 2-D, that could look cool, but what about that part where the kid points his baseball bat at the camera, or where the guys juggle right into the camera, or when there's a 5 second shot of popcorn popping right at the camera. It's fucking awesome.

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