Thursday, October 1, 2009

Your Vice is a Horror Movie Marathon and Only I Have the Netflix Queue: Year Two

Greetings, boils and ghouls. It's nearly Shocktober once again, and much like in the previous fear of 2008, I plan to spend the month having a frightfully good time watching as many horror movies as I can possibly fit in. A murderthon of horror cinema, new and old, about which I will blog for your reading displeasure. A scare-iety of boo-vies upon which I will comment... spookily!. A cornucapitation of flayed-skinemtic masterpieces-in-which-you-are-resting which I will review for your amoozement and blood-er defright...

Okay, enough of that shit. Same deal as last year. I'm going to try to watch a shitload of horror movies before the end of October. For each one I watch, I will make a post on this blog about it. I may try to structure it a little more, perhaps offering a synopsis of the film followed by my thoughts. We'll see. Stay tuned, updates should be following soon.


Shenan said...

you should post my horror movie poems with your posts about the corresponding horror movies, if we watch them and you write about them. it'll be a joint-blogging-project.

Andy said...

This is hilarious.

Dan said...

Shenan, that sounds great except if we don't watch all the movies you write poems for. So I say we just post them here as your write them.

Andy, I know you're probably busy as hell this semester, but I hope you get a little free time to watch a couple horror movies. Maybe this will give you some recommendations.

Patrick said...

I'm going to second the poem and movie idea. Looking forward to it.

Shenan said...

i've abandoned the Bird with the Crystal Plumage poem temporarily (best rest assured, it will be completed in all its "visual and narrative style [that] tends to be baroque and over-the-top while still maintaining a certain formal elegance" glory, to write an introductory poem on the nature of horror movies (one that, coincidentally, I can hand in for class and have it be understood by people who aren't into giallo obscurity).

....Yes it's 6:30 in the morning and yes I've been up planning/working on this since 5:45.

Shenan said...

For the benefit of everyone who doesn't know about the horror-movie-poem concept (read: everyone, I assume), here is the conversation we had (via email when bored at work one day, when I was doing classwork during worktime and sent it to Dan to review):

Shenan: awww. thanks for being enthusiastic about my poem.

Dan: of course! you should write one about horror movies

Shenan: ive thought about it before, but didn’t know where to begin or what it’d be about (besides, vaguely, horror movies).

Dan: then maybe just try writing something spooky/gothic/dark/horro movie-esque?

Shenan: hmmmmm.... “serial killer sestina”......i like it!

Dan: "Freddy's Sonnet" or some such shit

Shenan: hahahahaha. oh man. dramatic poems (ones from a character’s perspective, not yours) are so fun to write, and I bet it would be a riot to write from freddy’s perspective in a sonnet....ok, let’s make that my own personal challenge for halloween, like your movie watching: see how many poems I can write from the POV of/about horror movies and horror movie characters.


and thus it is so.