Saturday, October 10, 2009

It's Alive (remake)

Lenore, pregnant, drops out of grad school to live with her boyfriend in sinful, sinful cohabitation and raise their bastard child together. The baby begins growing too fast and labor has to be induced. Then, during the procedure, all of the doctors are mysteriously butchered, with only Lenore and her baby Daniel left alive. Is some sort of maniacal killer to blame? Of course not. You saw the original or you at least saw the DVD cover of the remake, you know that little Daniel is a cannibalistic mutant freak baby. Daniel proceeds to eat every god damn living thing he comes across, with Lenore desperately trying to cover up for her baby.

I can't blame It's Alive, but it suffered greatly from the fact that I had just watch Grace the week before. Turns out, much like Grace, this remake plays up the angle of the mother trying to protect her child. Unfortunately, compared with Grace's thematically rich treatment of the material, It's Alive's crass provocations ring hollow. Hell, even though it's gorier and, in it's way, slicker in it's production, this remake is less satisfying than the original It's Alive.

Still, if all you're looking for is a few laughs and some gore, this is a decent killer baby movie.

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