Wednesday, October 21, 2009

X: The Man With the X-Ray Eyes

A scientist who is convinced we haven't harnessed the full potential of our vision begins experimenting on himself. He achieves x-ray vision, as first just seeing through people's clothing, but then eventually their skin. As his condition evolves, he begins seeing things... things no man should see!

This somewhat trippy early 60's Corman film is good fun, but not as interesting as its reputation led me to believe. My biggest complaint is that, for long periods of time, it's simply not a horror film. It plays as comedy in parts (X seeing through women's clothing, extended Don Rickles cameo), and follows too many subplots about X trying to exploit his condition (pretending to be a psychic, using his powers to work as a con artist). The film comes to life more as he slowly loses his mind because of the horrific visions he sees, and the ending is admittedly awesome. Still, I would have preferred if the film explored more of its Lovecraftian vast-horrors-beyond-our-imaginations them more so than its clever x-ray gimmicks.

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