Friday, October 30, 2009

The Innocents

A young governess is hired to take care of a rich dude's niece and nephew at their secluded country mansion. Strange happenings are afoot at the property, and slowly the governess comes to believe that the house is haunted, and that the ghosts are communicating with the children. The children deny this but behave strangely. So what's going on? Are there really ghosts, or is the governess cracking up?

The Innocents is an enjoyably spooky little movie, mostly due to the absolutely gorgeous black and white cinematography. The ambiguity of the story is enough to draw you along, but I mostly found myself appreciating the film as a feast for the eyes, the moody monochrome creating a palpably eerie atmosphere. This film makes a good case for my argument that more horror films should be shot in black and white.

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