Sunday, October 25, 2009

Resident Evil: Extinction

Most of the Earth's population, wildlife and natural resources have been wiped out by the deadly zombie virus from the first two films. The few survivors travel in packs, rolling from small town to small town trying to gather whatever supplies are left, looking like a community college theater troupe performing a stage version of The Road Warrior. The sexy Milla Jovovich returns, now with magical psychic zombie killing powers.

I kind of dropped the ball not seeing Resident Evil: Extinction in theaters, something I did with both prior films. I don't think any other modern film series has been this consistently, entertainingly bad. Paul W.S. Anderson again scripts this one, and again he provides what feels like an Indiana Jones film with all the good parts taken out and replaced with tired zombie cliches. For the third time we have a scrappy band of unmemorable heroes who trade unfunny, innocuous banter and involve themselves in no interesting action scenes or set pieces. And like the other films, it just wants so damn bad to seem smart and exiting, to be be a classic adventure film, and fails so, so deliciously hard.

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