Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2

12 years after the original massacre, a pissed off Texas Ranger (Dennis Hopper, overacting like a champ) tracks down the sickos responsible and plans to wreak bloody revenge (he's related to some of the kids from the original). Meanwhile, the vicious Sawyer family sets their sights on a local radio DJ who accidentally recorded the sounds of the family murdering one of her callers.

Though not exactly a switch in genres, TCSM2 is the rare sequel that strikes a wildly divergent tone from the original, which is especially surprising since both are the work of director Tobe Hooper. This one plays more as a manic, disgusting, visually extravagant dark comedy.

I don't think I had seen this one since high school, and I'm glad I picked up a copy, because it's even better than I remembered. I have a fondness for the over-the-top horror/comedies of the 1980's, and TCSM2 is one of the most exuberant.

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