Sunday, October 11, 2009

Eyes of a Stranger

A rapist/killer is on the loose, and a local TV anchor begins to believe that it may be one of her neighbors. She begins to investigate, but by doing so, she may be putting herself and her blind and deaf sister (played by a young Jennifer Jason Leigh) in danger.

I will admit that I probably did not play as close attention to Eyes of a Stranger as I could have, but I caught enough to know that it's an above average slasher movie. It's well shot and entertaining, with effective slashing/stalking sequences and good performances. Way better than these movies usually are.

The best is the finale, where the killer sneaks into Leigh's apartment unbeknownst to her. He doesn't just outright assault her, he fucks with her first, moving shit around to confuse her until it slowly dawns on her what happens. It's tense and clever and that's more than we can usually ask for from this genre.

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