Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Monday, October 13, 2008

Of the silent films I've watched so far for YVIAHMMAOIHTNQ, this was the best and also probably the last. It contained a lot more weird, nightmarish imagery than Vampyre or The Man Who Laughs did, which is primarily what I'm looking for. But I'll be honest, enough's enough, I'm proud of myself for watching a bunch of silent films, but it just feels like due diligence sometimes. Silent films can be great for physical comedy and for visuals, but when it comes to story and character, well, we've come along way since then baby. Much like Vampyre, when none of the crazy, horror movie-esque stuff is going on, Faust is kind of a bore. I just can't get wrapped up in the drama when no one can talk and the only way they express themselves is through hammy overacting.

I know, I know, this all sounds pretty ignorant. I'm not closed minded towards silent films, I'm sure I'll watch plenty more in the future (especially if it's comedy) but I'm not cramming in any more this month just to make myself feel well-versed. Faust was 50% awesome imagery and 50% corny, big-arms, moustache-twirling style acting, and that's actually been the most favorable ratio so far this month, so I'm going to quit while I'm ahead.

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