Wednesday, October 8, 2008

House of Wax

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I think even people who hate slasher movies would have to admit that, though they may hate this one too, it's pretty well done. I mean, it's not particularly scary, but there's so much cool stuff going on with the art design and the visual style, far above and beyond what these movies usually provide, you gotta love it. Definitely one of the best slashers of this decade.

The movie is worth it for the big finale alone, where the whole house of wax melts along with everything inside, but the rest of it is pretty good too. I think it succeeds at doing what a lot of nu-slashers try and fail to do: balance a creepy/disturbing tone while keeping the movie fun. With some of the ones I've caught more recently (Wrong Turn 2, Severance, Frontier(s)), the horror and the humor/fun seem to be completely at odds with each other, and as a result neither element really works. It's like they try to stitch together Re-Animator with Last House on the Left or something.

Also, Shenan and I named our band after a scene from this movie: Shenan Hahn and the Peril of a Wax Staircase.


Andy said...

Yeah, this movie totally rocks. I mean, I remember being genuinely surprised when the whole church congregation turns out to be wax. It's pretty clever, and slasher movies are never very clever.

Shenan said...

oh, those crazy college days when we had a band named after a paris hilton movie that specialized in playing half of "old man".

Shenan said...

the band specialized in playing half of "old man", that is. not the movie.