Monday, October 13, 2008


Sunday, October 12, 2008

A well made but uninvolving Hostel ripoff. There's not much wrong with it, per se, as a middling gore-no film, except that it doesn't seem like it gives a shit about being a horror movie. So much of Turistas is just about a bunch of people hanging out at the beach, or swimming, or walking through the woods, very slowly and reluctantly becoming a horror movie. The director also did movies like Into the Blue and Blue Crush... I think he must be a surfer or beach bum or something, and makes these movies as a way of getting a studio to bankroll his surfing trips. He already did a teen movie and an action movie on the beach, so this time he convinced them to let him do a horror movie on the beach. And other than an excuse to catch some waves there isn't much reason for this to exist.

I did appreciate the nudity, though. I feel like maybe it's making a comeback in mainstream horror movies.

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