Friday, October 10, 2008

Halloween: Director's Cut (of the shitty remake)

Thursday, October 9, 2008

I guess maybe I had a little hope that this supposed director's cut would be some sort of improvement. It wasn't. In fact, I didn't notice too much that was different, except now Michael's break-out has been replaced by an even worse scene. So I guess this may actually be worse than the theatrical version. Otherwise, my reaction was exactly the same... I even got bored and lost my focus at the exact same part I did when I saw it in theaters.


Patrick said...

Maybe we just didn't get this movie. Perhaps its just the first in the series of movies that explain the evilness of villains through redneck parents. The Joker, Jason, Daniel Plainview, The EPA agent in Ghostbusters. It will be only after we see all of these that the full picture will form and we'll see that the only true evil in this world is stripping to "love hurts".

Dan said...

I would be onboard for Rob Zombie's Ghostbuster done in the style of Rob Zombie's Halloween. I mean, if they were structurally the same.

The first hour would be about the EPA agent having a bad day at work for generic, uninteresting reasons and everyone will be instructed to shout all their lines for no good reason. Then like halfway into the movie, we'll catch up with the Ghostbuster characters, who will underdeveloped and unlikable and not really framed as the main characters in any way. Then the EPA guy will butt heads with them because he's in a bad mood and the movie will end with him getting covered in sticky marshmellow.