Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Uncle Sam

Tuesday, October 29, 2008

So this is about a solider that comes back from the dead, dresses up as Uncle Sam, and goes around killing people in various America-themed ways, like impaling a dude on a flag. And what's even better is that the tone of the movie is serious, like it's actually trying to be scary and make some sort of statement about America and its foreign policy.

There's fun to be had, but given this premise and treatment, it should have been more awesome than it is. It's too boring, with not enough happening for long periods of time. The ridiculous, awful slasher-gimmick coupled with the straight-faced tone could have lead to a classic, instead it's a disappointment with a few memorable moments.

I will give a shout out to the ending, which is an (I think accidental) homage to the ending of City of the Living Dead. It's clear that they shot a happy ending but that at some point in post production they decided that horror movies can't have happy endings. So they have this happy scene of the main character kid and his mom, but then for no reason creepy music cues up on the soundtrack, and it goes into slo-mo for a few seconds and then freeze frames on the kid smiling. Then suddenly the picture appears to shatter, for no god damned reason. Fucking awesome.

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