Monday, October 27, 2008

The Thing

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Fuck. Yes. One of my favorite movies ever. On Blu Ray. Projected on to my Uncle's giant screen. Uncompressed audio. This is likely the highest quality I will ever see this movie, and it was fucking amazing. I can't even express how great this was for me.


Andy said...

UGH, I wish I had been there. It was dissapointing to get his e-mail and realize I couldn't go.

I was salso just about to ask what else you guys watched, but all I have to do is wait for your next post.

Shenan said...

point 1: i dig the "salso" thing, and i hope it is successful in catching on as a legitimate turn-of-phrase.

point 2: unfortunately, this was the only full movie we watched that night. the other things we watched were excerpts from awesome movies in blu-ray just to see what they looked like, and then a bunch of trailers from the "something weird" (i think that was what it was) collection. and then we spent some time reading from the "scary stories not to tell in the dark" anthology.

Andy said...

That sounds awesome.

Me and some people salso read from a spooky story book, but the stories were pretty lame, and I read this one called "clinkety-clink" that was probz the most repetitive story ever. The last half was the just the same 5 sentences repeated ad nausem for 2 pages. It was salso a little hilarious.

Dan said...

Are you trying to make this "salso" thing happen in real life, or just on my blog?

Andy said...

Little bit of column A, little bit of column B.